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Catch Me I’m FALLING!!

Sorry for no post last weekend! We went out of town and just didn’t have time to get online.

You can see pictures of all the crocheted baby afghans I did the past 2 weeks HERE. They are all posted on my Granny Square Project blog.

You can see all the pictures of our gardening this weekend HERE and some information about Companion Planting HERE from off our Godfrey’s Go Green blog.

I am posting some pictures to this blog as well, you can scroll down to below the post to see them. As for the title of this blog entry…LOL, scroll down to the pictures to see why I chose it (GRIN!!)

The winner of the afghan being given to those who participated in the Hats ‘N’ Hearts marathon is Bambi Lynn Bush!! Congratulations Bambi!! I will be mailing you out that package next weekend. I’ll email you when it goes out! Thank you all so much for participating, it has been a great help and we were able to gather over 200 baby hats!! If you still want to help out, you are more than welcome, just mail your donations to:

Hats ‘N’ Hearts
C/O Susan Godfrey
P.O. Box 33
Aquilla, Texas 76622

It has been a busy 2 weeks since I last posted. I finished twelve baby afghans. Eleven are for the Granny Square Project and 1 is for Marty’s co-worker’s girlfriend.

Last Saturday and Sunday we spent at Marty’s brother’s farm. We had really good time visiting. Ben (his brother) was having a tree house raising (grin!!). So along with us, there was also Marty’s Dad and step mom and Marty’s other brother, Justin. The guys had a great time with each other, as they don’t get together like this often. The kids had a ball playing with each other and getting REALLY dirty! I helped Alysha (Sissy) around the house and such….there were 13 of us total, so LOTS of dishes and cleaning up after meals, but it was really nice to have someone to work with so the work didn’t just fall on one person. Sissy gave me some soft white wheat berries to try, as well as the rye to make her and I some sourdough starter, I was also sent home with a jar of dried tomatoes (YUMMY!!), and jars of dried chives and parsley. We also got our 4 gallons of raw milk and 3 dozen eggs for the incubator. 2 more weeks and we will have more baby chicks!! I also came home with a bunch of fabric that Sissy asked me to use to make her 4 girls some skirts.

Monday, I spent running around paying some bills and doing some errands. I paid the electric bill and then went to the grocery store. After that, I ran out to my friend Stephanie’s house. Stephanie has had to return to work after staying home for many years. Anyway, she found she didn’t have time to sew anymore, so she offered me 2 plastic tubs of fabric. Of course I couldn’t turn that down! So now with my personal stash, the stuff Sissy gave me and the stuff Stephanie gave me, I have a lot of fabric to work with! I’m going to get my nieces 3-5 skirts made each along with a couple of skirts for myself and a couple of aprons.

The rest of the week I spent around the house, working outside, crocheting and baking bread. Tuesday I made 4 loaves of bread with my hard red wheat and Thursday I made 4 with the soft white wheat that Sissy sent home with me. Everyone seems to like the hard red wheat bread better. The soft white wheat bread was really crumbly, more the texture of cake than bread. So we’ll continue to use hard red wheat and then use the soft white wheat berries when I’m making something like cake or cookies. Tuesday through Thursday, I wasn’t feeling really well, so I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. Friday though I felt really good and was very happy about that! I don’t like being sick at all!

Friday night we went to Wal-Mart and I bought 2 patterns for skirts for my nieces and a skirt pattern and dress pattern for myself. Wal-Mart has apparently lowered the prices on all their Simplicity and McCall’s patterns on the covers of the pattern books it lists the price for all the patterns. One is about $7 a pattern and one is about $8 a pattern (can’t remember the exact prices). I’m going to start stocking up on patterns before our Wal-Mart stops carrying them.

Saturday morning Marty had to work. After I dropped him off at work, I headed to Waco to pay the phone bill and buy groceries at Wal-Mart in Bellmeade. I stopped by their fabric department and discovered that they will be staying open!! I was doing a MAJOR happy dance about that (LOL!!). On the way home we stopped at several garage sales. The 1st one, I bought a World History book and Saxon Algebra 1 book for $1 each. The next garage sale we stopped at, I bought 3 dresses for $2.75, a sweater for me – $.75, a vest for me – $.75, 3 T-shirts for Colt for $1.50, 1 dress shirt for Colt – $.75 and a Boggle Jr. game for Riley for $1. The next garage sale I bought 1 yard of a pretty fabric for $1. Then we went home and dropped off the groceries. I was really happy with our garage sale finds!

By the time we got home and unloaded, it was nearly time to pick up Marty. We had found an ad in the paper for a local organic farm that was opening up each Saturday for visitors, so we decided to stop off there. We walked around there to see what they had to offer. We bought 5 broccoli transplants and 6 tomato transplants. All of their transplants were $1 each, so that was a REALLY good price. We picked up Marty and then went to another grocery store to get peanut butter and agave. Then we stopped at another garage sale where I got 4 more dresses for $14. We finally stopped for lunch and then went home.

After we got home, we moved around out chickens. We have 1 chicken that’s 1 year old, we put her in one of our 2 big chicken tractors by herself. The ones that we hatched 2 months back, we moved into our other big chicken tractor. The ones we hatched about 1 month back got moved out of the brooder into the little chicken tractor Marty built in February. We also have 2-1/2 dozen in the incubator that should hatch in about 2 weeks. We also plan on buying some at the feed store, maybe next weekend. We’re wanting between 200-250 chickens total. Right now we have 15.

After rearranging the chickens, we worked on the garden. We planted yellow crookneck squash, zucchini, radish, and popcorn. We planted them all together. The squash can climb up the popcorn. We also planted our 5 broccoli transplants. Then we spent the rest of the evening playing in the hammocks and then at dinnertime, Marty took us out to eat. When we got back home we all piled onto our bed and read from “In the Heart of the Rockies” by G.A. Henty. The boys headed to their beds and we were all asleep by a little after 9…we’re sure keeping farmer hours around here!

Today I’m catching up on laundry and working outside again. This week we’ll be working on the yard and I’ll be doing a little crochet and sewing, along with the usual baking and cleaning….nothing too exciting! I need to buy some fabric next week to make the boys some shorts. I’m going to work on skirts for my nieces this week (I hope).

Marty and the boys are going to build a second small tractor to move the quail into today and then they are going fishing in the stock tank. My parents sent both of the boys $5 for St. Patrick’s day and Riley bought himself a fishing pole (cane), a small tackle box and some hooks. He’s been bugging Marty to take him fishing all weekend, so as soon as chores are done for today, they’re off to drown some worms (GRIN!!).

Well, I’d better get off here and out of here! I should be able to get online again next weekend, so I’ll check back in then. We’re hoping to have internet back on here at the house in the next mont
h!! Have a great week everyone! I sure do miss you all!!

Colt working on the squash beds

2 month old chicks

1 month old chicks

Planting squash

Marty & Riley planting corn

Riley & I planting broccoli

Nope, this isn’t me trying to attack the camera man…LOL!! I fell as I was trying to dig a whole for a broccoli plant!

some pretty flowers in our yard along with a bee 🙂

I tried to get in the hammock with Marty and we broke the rope holding it! This was my second fall for the day!!

Marty & I

Patterns for me

Patterns for my nieces (both skirts will have to be lengthend)

Our only chicken that survived from last year

the quail at home in their new tractor

The new tractor finished.

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Lazy Weekend

this week I’ve been kept pretty busy with all the stuff around the house that it’s been a pretty dull week :0)

Marty had to work all day saturday and I just ran my errands and such. Today, we decided to be lazy and not work on the garden, since it wasn’t time to plant anything. Next week though, we’ll get back on it.

I just wanted to make a quick post to let y’all know that we’re alive and well and enjoying the things the Lord has given us!!

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