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Hi! My name is Susan Godfrey and I’m the author of the book Real Food Real Frugal: How to Cook and Eat Real Foods on a Budget.

Over the years, my family and I have tried to live a natural and real food lifestyle with varying degrees of success. We are a one income family and simply don’t make a lot of money. But this is the life that we’ve felt the Lord lead us to live. While things are tight, the Lord has always provided for us and I’ve learned a lot of cost cutting measures along the way that help.I am now even more committed to eating and living as cleanly as possible. I have learned how to live this lifestyle in a frugal manner and to be a good steward over the income that the Lord has provided me with.Click to Share and Get the First 10 Pages FREE!!

  • The first part of Real Food Real Frugal is about what defines real food. What it is, where to get it, and why you should eat it.
  • The second part of Real Food Real Frugal is full of cost cutting measures that will help make the real food lifestyle more affordable and budget friendly.
  • The third part of Real Food Rea Frugal is my favorite! It’s full of inexpensive recipes that use real food ingredients, but won’t break the bank. It contains over 125 family favorite recipes that I’m sure your family will love.

I wrote Real Food Real Frugal because I really want to help others who have a hard time financially affording this lifestyle to learn from me how it can be done in a frugal manner. I hope and pray that you can learn from my experiences and that Real Food Real Frugal will be a blessing to you and your family.

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