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Finding Time to Do It All

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The Lord has been reminding me about a lesson He’s been working on teaching me for over a year now: time management. You might say I feel pressure to ‘get it all done’ and that no one can really get it all done, but there are certainly a few things on the list which must be done each and every day without fail. A few of those things include feeding my family, keeping the house clean including making sure there are clean dishes and clothes as well as clutter picked up and the floors and tables cleaned, homeschooling the kids, naps for the twins, and all of this interrupted with things like tantrums, diapers, phone calls, and who knows what else!

So how to fit it all in? There are plenty of articles out there telling me to lower my standards, that no way can I get all of this done in a single day. That can’t happen in my family. There are some basic standards that must be met and maintained, and they are not negotiable. If I choose to spend my time on the computer, in a book, or even outside playing with the kids or inside with a family movie, then I’ve chosen not to do the things necessary and I end up either staying up really late, causing more work for everyone, or starting out behind the next day. None of those options is acceptable.

What’s the answer?

It’s quite simple, actually. I forget how simple it is.

The answer is to give the Lord His time first. In this season, I cannot do as I was doing in the season where I learned this lesson and tithe my time. That’s a wonderful habit and one of these days when my youngest children are to a more independent age once again, I can resume doing that. The Lord’s timing in teaching me that lesson was perfect, and I was able to tithe my time just as I would tithe an income (if I’d had one).

What I can do, though, is keep my commitment to Him and start my day each morning not only in flippant silent prayer, but in the Word and in an attitude of worship. The beginning of my day is my giving the day to Him, and for the rest of the day He walks with me and smooths the way and I continue to talk with Him and praise Him, until the end of my day when I rest in Him and bring my supplications and requests. It’s the Lord’s prayer pattern over the span of an entire day.

Sometimes, as recently, I forget that it’s that easy. There’s so much to be done, I let the simple act of reading His Word and bringing my worship attitude before Him be set aside for something quick, even something as simple as cooking breakfast or folding that load of laundry I left on the couch last night. It’s about simple obedience, and the reward for that obedience is a day when I actually get just about everything – if not MORE than I’d hoped or planned – completed.

That’s not to say that the enemy doesn’t try very hard to derail my day, but if I’ve started my day with the Lord then He is already with me and all I need do under those attacks is resist the enemy and put it in God’s hands. His hands are pretty big, ya know. Even bigger than my dirty laundry pile.

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