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Spicy Pickled Green Beans

Spicy Pickled Green BeansWe love spicy things around here and we LOVE pickled green beans, so I decided to try my hand at making some spicy pickled green beans.  These turned out really yummy, but a bit on a the mild side–so if you like HOT pickles, just add a few more jalapenos.  My family really loves these Spicy Pickled Green Beans and can’t wait each year when garden fresh green beans are plentiful.  Often times, I’ll be busy canning a batch of these at least once a week–sometimes even more often than that.  Spicy Pickled Green Beans are really easy to make.  They don’t require a pressure canner, just a water bath canner.  I can them while green beans are plentiful and then we have them all year long to enjoy (if I can keep my kids out of them!)



Fermented Squash Salsa & Giveaway!

This weekend, we spent a lot of time cleaning up our garden beds so we can start getting them tilled. We are not only expanding our main garden, but also adding a smaller on in the back yard and hoping to start a medicinal herb garden. I just love eating our own vegetables…there really couldn’t be anything better and more satisfying than growing your own food. I know not everyone can do it as “big” as we can, but everyone can do some of it. I talk more about that in my article Creative Gardening. With the gardening heating up again, my mind also turns towards how to preserve all that veggie goodness. On of my favorite ways is to ferment them and squash is one of those veggies we end up overloaded with. At one time the year before last, we were pulling 40 pounds of squash out of our garden a day….can you say “OVER PLANTED SQUASH”!?!? Yup, over planted we did. But that was okay, because my family LOVES squash and it allowed me to be able to experiment with it. My fellas love fermented salsa, so my husband suggested we try a Fermented Squash Salsa, my youngest calls it Squasha…lol! We’re all still getting use to the lacto-fermented taste. I think it’s a bit of a required taste, but each new thing we try, we’re liking more and more. My husband raved over the first batch. In fact he took the whole jar to work with him and wouldn’t share with the rest of us! So Squash Salsa has become a family favorite and another great way to use up all that extra squash in your garden. In this recipe I used yellow summer squash, but you can use any squash you’d like, I’ve tried it with yellow summer squash, zucchini, patty pan, and even some winter squash like acorn.  Below you will find the recipe, but don’t forget to scroll down, there’s a giveaway below as well!!



Today, simply because I haven’t done on in a while and because I love y’all, I’M HAVING A GIVEAWAY!  So just what am I giving away you ask?  How about a copy of the book Real Food Fermentation by Alex Lewin and Milk Kefir grains from Cultures for Health!

To enter, simply use the form below! This giveaway ends on Saturday, February 9th and the winner will be announced on Sunday, February 10th!

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