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A Long Time Coming…

This is a post a long time in coming.  I have been blogging now for years, probably since 2003 or so.  When I first started, it was simply a way to communicate with other homeschooling/stay at home moms like me.  This was before I knew what Facebook or Twitter ever were.  I blogged when I could about our life and what we were doing–it was more like an online diary or letter to my family/friends scattered all over the world.  I continued like that for many years.  All though the tragedy of our son Gabriel, I blogged, and my blog grew and grew through that.  At that time, my blog was a way for me to work through the sadness and my feelings about the situation.  From there, it evolved into a sort of ministry.  That wasn’t something planned, but that’s what it stared to become.

I came to feel that I had a responsibilbity to my readers that I needed to write certain types of posts and begain “instructing” other homeschooling wives and moms to live a more Godly homelife.  The problem was that I was being influenced by some people that I shouldn’t have been influenced by.  I have passed along false teaching–not out of heart to deceived, but as one being deceived.  I bounced around from everthing from dresses only, headcovering/not headcovering, modesty, KJV only, etc, etc.  My blogging has been a record of the struggles I’ve had with my Faith.  I’ve grown and changed…and changed again…over and over.  I’d slip into a “new” blog with each new incarnation. I evolved from a blogger simply blogging about my life, to a blogger trying to emulate those “big” bloggers that make a living with their blog.

But for me, making a living from my blog is not something that has worked out well…lol!  I spend more to blog than I have ever made from blogging.  The Lord has really shown me that my focus and motivation has been misguided.  I’ve been hypocritcal.  I’ve been misguided.  I’ve been a false teacher.  I’ve let the focus of my blogging become more vanity than God focused.  I’ve let blogging consume too much of my time–taking time and resources away from the REAL ministry that the Lord desires from me–My Husband, My Kids, and My home.  The balance between my real ministry and my blog has, more often than not, weighed more heavily on the blog side.

So, going forward, what am I going to do?  Well for one thing, I will be closing down my current blog.  I will move all the posts from all my blogs over to a free blog host, most likely blogger.  I will close down all my other past blogs and cancel my webhosting–all domain names will point to that blog (until they expire, at which time they will not be renewed).  This new blog will serve as an archive only.  I will not be updating this blog at all.  This will save our family money each month.

Will I blog regularly again?  Yes. How often I’ll update?  I honestly don’t know.  I will only blog when I honestly have the time between, husband, home, children, homeschooling, farm–my real life.  Sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly–I honestly don’t know.  All I do know, is that blogging has become a chore.  Not a chore I look forward to, but one that I drag my feet kicking and screaming to do.  Instead of feeling obliged to post every single day, I will go back to the way I first began blogging.

I’m no longer going to *try* to be a “big mommy blogger” or a “big food blogger”.  I’m going to take back my blogging and just be *ME*–warts and all.  I will no longer be only blogging through rose colored glasses.  My life is FAR from perfect and I honestly am tired of bloggers that make everthing look perfect, making other women (their readers) feel like failures because they can’t achieve that perfection–in their marriage, children, home, and faith.  Do  you know how humbling it is for me to admit that I’ve been a part of the problem? I’ve been just as bad at making my life/home seem like they are perfect.  If I’ve ever made you feel like a failure because you couldn’t achieve the perfection I was promoting, then I am honestly sorry.  It’s not that I sit down and type a blog post filled with outright lies, but because I only posted about the “Perfect”, I know that it may have led others to believe that I have a perfect life.  While everything I posted about was true–I left out part of the story.  I wasn’t being completely honest by portraying the perfect alone, I needed to balance it with the not-so-perfect.

This new and honest me can admit, that like MANY other stay-at-home wives/moms, that the internet has become an interference to my true ministry.  I will be stepping back, not just from blogging, but also from the internet in general.  I will be less on Facebook, I will be deleting all accounts/pages except for my personal one. I will be leaving some of my Facebook groups. I will be closing down my Twitter accounts entirely (I just have never gotten into it).  I will close down all Pinterest accounts but my personal one.  I will be closing all Google + accounts (again, just never gotten into it).  As for social networks, I will be sticking to just personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Not only that, but I will begin weeding through my Facebook account and deleting “friends”–many of whom I do not personally know and have absolutely no interaction with, but have friended me because of my blogs, my old digital scrapbooking persona, my other businesses, and I will be deleting “friends” who I feel are bad influences, either in the way they live or their false teachings.

As for my doTERRA business, I will be keeping a Facebook group open for that, but my “Essential Traditions” page will be closing.  I will also continue my weekly newsletter for subscribers and customers.  The group that will be staying open is at

As for now, there is not yet a “NEW” blog for you to read.  I may work on that this week–again, I may not.  It honestly depends on what fall on my plate this week.  Wherever it will be, I will be using the domain name, simply because I already have it and hey, it *is* still me 🙂  But until that domain name gets forwarded, you can find the blog at

This decision is bittersweet.  I use to enjoy blogging and I want to get to that point again.  But I’m no longer going to try to blog by other’s standards, no longer worry about the number of readers or how to “grow” my blog, no longer worry about how to make money or build up my “brand”.  I’m going back to the very beginning–to the blogging that I enjoyed.

Thank you everyone for walking this walk with me.  I’ve met so many wonderful friends through the years and I still value those of you who have “stuck”.  Thank you for the love and support you have shown me over these last many years.

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Sinus Bomb


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No Get Real Frugal Friday

Sorry everyone but there will be no Get Real Frugal Friday this week. We are having electrical problems at out house. Today the fuse box and the meter tried to catch our house on fire. Praise God, we caught it before any damage was done or someone was injured. So we had to have the electric company cut power to the house. We were able to purchase the items needed to repair the problem, but we won’t have power again until at least tomorrow. That is if the new work passes inspection. If for some reason is doesn’t pass then it will be Monday before we’ll have power again. I do have a post scheduled for Saturday, but will likely not post again until Monday. Right now I only have my phone in which to update with and a slow 3G connection, so updating is not easy. I just wanted to let everyone know what was going on since I won’t be posting tomorrow. If you think about it, we would appreciate prayers that the work passes inspection and for The Lord to provide the means for us to make it through the week, as our entire paycheck this week went towards the repairs. Thanks for understanding and I’ll hopefully “see” y’all around on Monday.


Gluten Free Raisin Spice Cookies

Free Kefir Recipe eBook from Cultures for HealthWe are still going along on our journey of eating less wheat, which still has me in the kitchen experimenting with rice flour. So far we are really enjoying the fruits of my labor. My boys are happy because Mom experimenting in the kitchen means far more sweets than usual. I’ve had a house full of happy little taste testers! I have LOVED using my Wonder Mill grain grinder. It makes using fresh grains quick and easy and it runs like a dream and is pretty quiet, which really impressed me.

So, my husband requested some sort of gluten free raisin spice cookies. Oatmeal raisin cookies are his favorite, so I thought I’d play around with the rice flour a bit more and see if I could make a tasty treat for him. This recipe does not call for oatmeal, it is strictly rice flour only. And so the recipe for Gluten Free Raisin Spice Cookies was born, I will be sharing the recipe with you at the end of this post.

I learned a few things about cooking with rice flour in the process of making my first batch of rice flour based cookies that I want to share with you. First of all, rice flour creates a very dry and crumbly cookie. Not anything like the ooey-gooey cookies my family enjoys. The second issue was that the cookies came out a bit gritty. The rice flour cooks up that way, not a big deal unless you have a kid who has problems with food textures (like I do). So, I played around with the recipe and discovered a couple of work arounds for both of the issues.

For the dry and crumbly texture, I found that if you added the cornstarch and some plain gelatin, that the cookies come out soft and cake-like. The perfect ooey-gooey goodness my family likes. To get rid of the gritty texture, I put the dough in the refrigerator for an hour to “soak” and was thrilled to find that got rid of a lot of the gritty texture. I would imagine that the longer you let it “soak” in the refrigerator the less gritty the texture.

So I grabbed all the ingredients and my favorite little helper and got to cooking!


My boys and husband were pleasantly surprised at how yummy these were. My husband was beyond thrilled that I created a special raisin cookie just for him. A husband treated to his favorite cookie is a happy husband!

They came out absolutely perfect with a nice cake-like texture that we all enjoyed. The next time we make these, I’m going to try making them with dried cranberries or apples. I think that would be a yummy addition!


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Nourishing Crockpot Rice

Nourishing crockpot rice is an easy way to cook rice.  I am forever burning rice. I hate cooking it…I really always burn it. It is so sad to admit that, but there it is. I burn rice…period. So I kind of got this idea to try cooking it in the crockpot, because I never burn anything in there. I figured I’d give it a try and the most I’d lose was two pounds of rice. So I got busy and am happy to report that it turned out fantastic!! Here’s what I did–remember, I cook the Nourishing Traditions way, so keep that in mind!

I now LOVE making rice.  While it’s not something currently on our diet (remember, we’ve gone 100% grain free for the next 4 weeks).  When we start allowing some gluten free grains back into our diet, rice will be one of them.  Even when we add it back, it will still be only an occasional indulgence. But rice is an easy and great budget stretching basic and cooking it in the crockpot makes it even easier.  I was just so easy and I DIDN’T BURN IT…LOL!

[gmc_recipe 754]


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